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Kol Hamusica

Kol Hamusica (“The Voice of Music”) is a national radio channel broadcasting mainly classical music from ancient to modern times. Some of it’s airtime, however, is dedicated to ethnic music, jazz and music of Israel. The channel organises and airs musical events, including “Kol Hamusica Festival” in Upper Galilee, broadcasts live concerts and runs archive that includes documentation of Israeli creation over the years.

The station was established at 1983. At 2007 there was an intention to unite Kol Hamusika and Reshet Alef, but due to Kol Hamusica listeners’ protests this plan was abandoned. The idea of merging Kol Hamusica with another radio station keeps popping from time to time.

Kol Hamusica opens it’s daily programs with morning news broadcast and one-hour program called “Music Watch” that airs short familiar music pieces along with traffic reports. News broadcasts air hourly till 9:00 and then again at 14:00 and 20:00.

From 21:00 till 24:00 listeners are treated with concerts with best classical music masterpieces.


Frequencies and areas:

95.7 FM – North and Upper Galilee
98.5 FM – Tsfat Area
100.2 FM – Haifa area
95.2 FM – Beit-Shean area
91.3 FM – Jerusalem and it’s region
94.4 FM – Greater Tel-Aviv, Ha-Arava
90.2 FM – Beer-Sheva area
87.6 FM – Negev and Northern Negev
97.0 FM – Eilat

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