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Reshet Aleph is one of the Kol Israel channels operated by Israel Broadcasting Authority. It specialises in general matters and cultural programs, with news broadcasts in Hebrew.

This was first radio channel of Kol Israel that’d started to broadcast in Hebrew. Reshet Aleph topics include culture, art, literature and poetry, tradition, folklore, history and professional council.

“Young minds” – Reshet Aleph’s programme for teenagers – is one of the very first programmes of this kind in the history of radio.

Several times the station had found itself on the verge of closing or merging with other stations of Kol Israel. In 2004, Reshet Alefph had been forced to share the frequency with Reshet Moreshet. This decision had led to a significant decrease in station’s broadcasting hours. Instead of 24 hours per day schedule with pre-recorded night programmes, Reshet Aleph is now broadcasting only 10 hours per day (6:00-16:00) during weekdays. On weekends, Reshet Aleph broadcasts since Shabbat starts on Friday till it ends on Saturday evening.

Frequencies and areas:
102.8 FM North and Upper Galelee
100.7 FMB Tzfat, Beer Sheva
97.2 FM Haifa
98.4 FM Jerusalem
104.8 FM Greater Tel-Aviv

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