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Reshet BetReshet Bet

Reshet Bet┬áReshet Bet (“Network B”) is one of the Kol Yisrael channels, an Israeli radio service operating as a division of Israel Broadcasting Authority. Kol Yisrael is an international radio service broadcasting in 14 languages, including English, Russian and Arabic.
Reshet Bet was launched in 60s’ as an affiliate to Reshet Alef, first Kol Yisrael channel broadcasting in Hebrew.
Reshet Bet is a well-known radio station with news broadcasts, hot topic programs and sport reports. There are news updates on the hour in Hebrew. Reshet Bet leads in ratings in the morning and the afternoon hours.

Frequencies and areas:

100.5 FM – North and upper Galelee
92.0 FM – Tsfat area
89.5 FM – Haifa area
103.7 FM – Haifa area
102.0 FM – Bet-Shean area
95.0 FM – Jerusalem and surroundings, Greater Tel-Aviv, Negev and Northern Negev
95.5 FM – Haifa area, Jerusalem and surroundings, Greater Tel-Aviv
103.3 FM – Beer-Sheva area
104.1 FM – Negev and Northern Negev
95.6 FM – ha-Arava
90.7 FM – Eilat
1206 kHz AM – Galelee
657 kHz AM – Central area


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